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good story

A bit short and really rough around the edges, but a pretty good experience over all. I like the simplistic art style and the music is good. I also like the dream like feel of everything. I got kind of excited when I learned I could float around.

But as short as this game is, the lack of over all game play is fairly noticeable. The cinematics seem to interrupt game play and make an already short game feel shorter. I think this could benefit a lot if you allowed your game play to do your story telling, not your cinematics.

I know it's not supposed to be that interactive, but I do feel it could be a neat experience with a bit more.

Good work!

Gorgeous art and music :)

This was beautiful!

I don't think I made much of an impact at playing it. It seemed like the sequences worked on their own. Very nice music and graphics.

Ending music is especially great, who made it? Is it available anywhere?

On windows, unfortunately this game crashes however, had to record on slower Linux machine.