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Its a really scary game if you think about whats really happening, well to me. 

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Long ago...

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I just played out the 3rd ending that end with "I don't understand."after this game lay in my PC for one year.It hits my heart,makes me think about a lot of things.It‘s really a special experience in my exhausted life. Beautiful game,thank you.


this is beautiful. I love this game. incredible. it hits me. this is amazing. thank you, thank you so much for your hardwork. it feels good to see that maybe someone does understand.

Thank you, its meaningful to hear that you were able to connect with it.

Good game. I like the "Rashomon" gameplay where you the two people's very different perspectives.  Love the pixel art and the music, too!

This... game. Omfg, this is such a cool little experience. I'm really really fond of the art and style and mechanics. Played it three times just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Really haunting.

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I can't run it. tried multiple resolutions&graphics settings and it always crashes.

the error i get is: application crashed. process exited with code 3221225477

does someone know how to fix this?

I loved playing this game and I hope the developer makes more like this. I'd also like to know if the name of the music they used.

Thank you. The song is called "Gymnopedie No. 1".

This game hit me right in the heart. It's impossible to understand the game, and in that way i understand it exactly. It's exactly what i feel, what i'm feeling. This game while an immersible experience taught me more about myself than I already knew. One of my top favourite games i've ever played.

Thank you. Hearing that made all of the work worth it.

It was fun putting the pieces together after a few play-throughs. The music is beautiful and very fitting.

that was a ..weird experience.but i think it was pretty good