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A 3D platformer/walking sim game made for the Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks Jam.


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sleep cycles v3.zip 71 MB

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Looks cool, but every ladder so far seems to be broken.

Love the Aesthetics you have going on!  Will you be updating this title in the future?  The platforming is fine but I feel like I personally need to get used to the controls.  The lighting and art is so reminiscent of those industrial hellscapes from old school horror games.  Great job!


Thank you. While I would have liked to add more,  I think my time would be better spent working on new projects.

I think you achieved the visual aesthetic you were going for here, but the mechanics could use more polish. For a platformer it's very frustrating, and not in a fun way. It's difficult for mostly the wrong reasons. The controls feel quite rigid while the camera flies around at the slightest movement. The main issue, however, is the miniscule jump height and time. For a game that is centered around jumping between platforms, it needs to feel good. Barely crossing a 2 foot gap with your longest jump is incredibly limiting design-wise, and frustrates the player to no end. Maybe the issue is that the speed is tied to frame-rate? Didn't test on any other machines. Anyways, just wanted to say good job creating a neat little world to explore, just spend a little more time polishing the gameplay and you'll have something pretty cool with your next title.

Sorry about that, I made some changes that turned out to not work out well. I updated the game to fix the platforming. If you press Escape you can access settings to lower the camera sensitivity.

No worries! I think you're on to some cool stuff with the set design, still looking forward to your future titles.



I think that some improvements could be made to the platforming, as the character feels too heavy and doesn't have much air control, which makes platforming segments very difficult and irritating. Besides that though, the aesthetic is amazing and definitely nails the PS1 style down to its very core, and I think the atmosphere and tone of the game is done very well. Definitely has Silent Hill vibes to it~

Made a video

This was a genuinely great experience, and definitely one of the best I've played from the jam!

It gave a real feeling that this was some lost PS1 game I was playing. I make the comparison in the video that this is like Silent Hill and Tomb Raider combined, with feel and presentation. Which is absolutely a compliment to how much you nailed the PS1 aesthetic, and made a great, short, enjoyable experience.

Here's my video for anyone interested: 

Gave it a go!

Pretty fun, though it'd have so much potential if it had spooky scares in it :P More tension to chase you or the like, feedback and gameplay below

Always a fan of the ps1 era art style. Though I was not sure if there was a ps1 game that moved as well as this game did. Oh well. Food for thought. Great game though. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Great visual style, I especially love the water


100% Completed. Very well made, Nice game. I just remember Tomb Raider 2 while playing this game I know both games are different but still :) 4/5